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ll Sri Rāmāprameya Swamy Parabramhané Namaha ll

Now let us start our virtual tour of the temple

This is the sannidhi of Sri Aravindavalli Thāyar. As Goddess Maha Lakshmi was born in a Lotus flower in Vishnu Theertham (to the North West of the temple), she is known as Aravindavalli. She is seated in the Padmasana posture on a Lotus. Thāyar is giving darshan with her chaturbhujams, holding Lotus flowers in the two upper hands and blessing devotees with two hands in Varadha and Abhaya postures.  In the same Sanctorum you will find idols of Sri Andāl Thāyār and Sri Desikan. As you proceed to the North Western ramparts of the temple, the next Sannidhi you see is that of the renowned Lord Navaneetha (Thavazrar/ambegal(crawling))Krishna. This Krishna figures in a lot of Purānas. It is believed that Sage Vyasa did the Prathishta of this Vigraham. This lovely, adorable Krishna Vigraham depicts Him in a crawling pose, holding his favourite butter in his right hand. It appears as if Lord Krishna is crawling towards you to invoke the maternal instincts within you, compelling you to spontaneously shower your love on him. His face is like Poorna Chandra Bimbam, his doe-like eyes are very attractive and the curly locks of his hair are a sight to behold. This Neela Megha Shayma is crawling on a Garuda Peetam. He is adorned with a lot of jewels like amulets, chains, necklaces and anklets. He flaunts his Pulinagam (Tiger Claws dollar) as if to show off his prowess while the priests make sure he wears it to avoid Kan Dristi Dosham from his many devotees ogling at his boundless beauty! While drinking in this lovely sight, you may think you heard the jingling of bells from the cord he wears around his waist and the gorgeous anklets adorning his tender ankles, as he crawls closer to your heart!!

His beauty inspired Purandara dasa to compose the popular krithi “Jagadoddharana Adisidalu Yashoda” when he visited this sannidhi.

 The delicious Navaneetham he is holding in his right hand is no ordinary butter but Gnyanam (self realization) shaped like a butter ball. Parandhāman is willing to share this precious treat with you, if only you ask him for it, with a true mind.

Another boon that this God is famous for granting is the gift of children to those who need it. The loads of silver and wooden cradles in the Sannidhi offered by people desirous of begetting offspring stand testimony to this fact.This is the Sannidhi of Lord Rāmanuja. It is next to the one for Koorath Alwar, which you will pass after walking from Navaneetha Krishna’s sannidhi. Aprameya swami’s rathosthavam, pavithrosthavam and other Uthsavams are all held close to Udayavar’s Sannidhi.  Yāga Shāla is in the immediate vicinity as well. Moving on, you will see Vaikunta Nārayana Perumal next to whom is a Sthambam in which hanuman  appears as a swayambhu Moorthy. You are now in the divine presence of the majestic looking moola moorthy of  Lord Sri Aprameya  made of Sāligrāma Shilā. It is an ancient Idol of the Lord.’ Prameyā’ means measurable quantity, Aprameyā means immeasurable and since his mercy is of immeasurable quantity, he is called so.

His two upper arms are holding the Shanka and Chakra and in the lower two arms are the Gadhā and Padma in the Abhayahastam mudra.

The Shukanāsika Mantapam houses Lord Aprameya’s  Uthsavar in a sandal wood Mantapam. He is bedecked with jewelry. This Uthsavar is a replica of the Moolavar and is extremely beautiful.  Uthsavar is accompanied by Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi thāyars. The Divine trio are accompanied by a Uthsavar Moorthy of Lord Ramanuja and it appears as if he is doing Kainkaryam to the Trinity.

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