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ll Sri Rāmāprameya Swamy Parabramhané Namaha ll

Mallur has festivities lined up for every month of the year. Here is the list of festivals celebrated in this temple:

Bramhotsavam : In the Month of Mesha māsa (April-May ), the annual, 10 day Bramhotsavam festival takes place to celebrate the birth of the Lord . It is an event that draws a huge gathering from far off places. On the last (10th) day of the celebrations, (Sukla Paksha, Hastha Nakshatram) Lord Aprameyā's Bramharathotsavam takes place. A culturally significant fact of this occasion is that on the Rathothsavam day, local Muslim families donate Cardamoms, cloves and scented articles to the Lord.

Dolotsavam: It starts on Prathama Ekadashi in the month of June-July and runs for five days.

ThiruAdi Pooram : In the moth of July-August celebrates the birth of Sri Godha devi (a consort of Vishnu and one of the 12 alwars of Sri Vaishnavism).It is observed for 7 days in the Thāyār Sannidhi.

Sri Krishna Jayanthi: In the month of August-September, the birthday of ambégāl (navaneetha) Krishna is celebrated with pomp and gaiety.

Pavithrotsavam: It is held over four days in the month of September.
Navarathri Utsavam: This is observed for 10 days in the month of September - October.

Deepāvali Utsavam , Pushpa Brindavana Utsavam and Krithikai Deepotsavams are held in October-November ( kārthika masam)

Dhanurmāsa Utsavam: The Lord is adorned with different alankāras every day of this hindu calendar month in December. For the last ten days of this month, one can participate in ādhyayana utsavams in the morning and Kotarothsavam in the evening.

On Shankaranthi day (January 14th), Bhagavān goes around the temple precincts on his Garuda Vahanam.

Rathasapthami day (February):Surya Mandala rathotsavam takes place on this auspicious day.

Panguni Utthiram (March) which is the birthday of Goddess Mahālaksmi is celebrated in Aravindavalli Thayar’s Sannidhi for three days.

Sri Rama Navami Utsavam (March-April) to celebrate the birth of Sri Rāma is observed for ten days.

Besides these annual events, the temple conducts utsavams on every Dwadashi (day time) on a fortnightly basis. The devotees can take part in the weekly utsavams held every Friday, in the evening.



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