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Mallur's rich history:

MALLUR” has an interesting story to its name. Sārangadāra, a King, had his limbs amputated by his enemies, who threw them in the Nirmala river, which flows near this place. Though suffering from immense pain, he chanted the Bhagavath nāmā incessantly and approached the temple where he was blessed with a darshan of a Divya Jyothi. With the Lord’s bountiful grace, his limbs grew back to their original form. “Growing” in Tamil is “Mulaithathu” and since Sārangadāra’s limbs grew back, this Kshétram got its name ”MULAITHOOR” (Tamil) and as time passed , “Mulaithoor” became today’s “Mallur”.

This sthalam is also referred to by other names in our ancient sacred texts, a few being:

“DAKSHINA AYODHYA”: Legend has it that Lord Rama stayed here for a while during his exile and as this kshetram is situated to the south of the Vindhya Mountain, it got this name.

“CHATUR VEDA MANGALA PURA”: since people who learnt all four Vedas resided here, it was referred so.

“GNYāNA MANTAPA KSHéTRAM”: The person who had the thirst to learn the Vedas was blessed with the knowledge of the ancient scriptures in this place and hence the title.

“RAJENDRA SIMHA NAGARI”: Rajendra Simha, a Chola Raja established this place as the capital of his vast empire and the name thus reflects Mallur’s past glory.

The Puranas mention that Lord Aprameya was worshipped by King Vijayapala in Krutha Yuga, Sage Kanva in Thretha Yuga, Sage LambhaShrava in Dwapara Yuga and Vignyaneshwara in Kali Yuga. Sage Kapila who is an amsam of Srimannarayana enlightened the common man on the Kalyana Gunams of Lord Aprameya and gave Upadeshams on attaining Mukthi. It is believed even today that the Sages Kapila and Kanva are staying here, worshipping lord Aprameya. Once the temple is locked by the priest in the night (after Arthjama), the sounds of the door opening in the Garbha Griham and tolling of the temple bells can be heard which indicate the Amara Jeevi sages praying Lord Aprameya in ekantham. It is a proud privilege for the Bhakthas of Mallur that Sriman Narayana and his Consort Maha Lakshmi are residing in their midst, giving them darshanam every day.



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