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ll Sri Rāmāprameya Swamy Parabramhané Namaha ll

At the outset Adiyen thank my Acharyan H H Sri Rangapriya Maha Desikan Swamiji for encouraging me to do the good work of bring the Perumal nearer to you in this Electronics age. Adiyen  thank all of you for patronizing this website of yours. For me this website of Doddamallur is very very dear to me because this was my first website which was built for temples, from here only my journey started I started building one website after another for temples in Karnataka , and also for Bhagavath Ramanuja , Swami Desikan etc.  It will be very interesting to know how this website was built 7 years back. I went to Doddamallur temple to collect details for Tamil Magazine "GOPURA DARISHANAM"  , then I asked the local people whether they have website. I was just a L (Learner)  board and learning to build websites. They told they don't , then I volunteered and told designing charge they need not pay , but let them pay for Domain name and Space. But that is another story I landed paying and sponsoring  the website.  Then it was Doddamallur website through which i got my e-sister Dr.Padmashree Srinivas of USA. The first website was full of typos and my sister Dr.Padmashree came to my rescue and she corrected the contents. of the website. I sincerely thank her,I will be failing in my duty if i don't thank Local residents of Doddamallur who helped in getting sthalapurnas detials. 

One Small request  Since i am not the native i may not be able to help you in Abhishekam / Thirumanjanam, accommodation etc. So kindly contact Temple Authorities only .

........Sri Rangapriya Smaranam



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This website was started with the blessings of My Acharyan H H Sri Rangapriya Swami and also other Holiness of Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya.

What belongs to us is given as Bhiksha (ALMS) to us by Sriman Narayana and Pirati and hence All are free to use the contents and pictures of this web site with permission. Self and my Wife Geetha Sridhar travel extensively and locate all these ancient treasure troves left by our forefathers. We have been doing this as our Social commitment to the society , since last 8 years , hence as the fruits for our hard labour if you take permission and use , we will feel delighted. Please do not generate any controversies.

Website conceived, designed & Sponsored with Blessings of Perumal, Pirati and All Acharyas of Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya by Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar & Geetha Sridhar at our cost , we have no personal interest or c0ommercial interest  ,out of Social Service attitude we have built the websites .

We directly or indirectly do not involve in any money transactions, collections in the name of religion. This humble effort is created fully out of Devotion. We neither encourage people to contact us for any sevas in any Sri Vaishnava Temples nor for any allied worships. We strongly recommend you to contact the temple authorities (The concerned Executive Officer / Asst-Commissioner /Dy. Commissioner of Muzarai Department of State Government  I don't have their contact details { will try to get the info from Government and update once they give info )  regarding any of your prarthanas etc.

If you want to give any genuine feedback/ suggestions kindly contact on my personal email id shrihi.kainkaryam@gmail.com ( For sevas go to the temple and contact concerned Officials )

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