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Miracles or Athbhuthams

We all know every temple has unique powers and lot of stories about the miracles experienced by the Bhakthas, In This Kshetram it is  said that the Childless couples who pray to our Ambegal Krishna ( Whom i call lovingly as Kichu ) will be blessed with an issue. Famous Astrologer, Editor of famous Tamil Weekly "KUMUDHAM  JOTHIDAM"  Sri A M Rajagopalan Swamy has been advocating this Punya Kshetram as Parihara Sthalam for Childless couples. Lot of astrologer recommend this Kshetram.  TV9 News Channel had also had telecast about this Kshetram in their Sunday weekly Programme "Hegge Unte" . Lots and lots of people shared their experience on Hegge Unte TV Programme .In the TV Programme the anchor asked how the temple got publicity , for that One of the local resident was gracious to give the Credit your website "www.doddamallurtemple.com"   Now let us go back to old stories which was narrated to me.

There was once a rich woman named Thayamma, who resided in Bhadrachalam, on the banks of River Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. She lost her vision. Our Navaneetha Chora appeared in her dream and asked her to come to Dodda Mallur and do seva to him following which she made enquiries about this place and reached Mallur. She prayed Sri Krishna day in and day out. The Lord then restored her eyesight. From that day on, she would adorn the temple and sanctorum entrances with Kolam (Rangoli) and worship him. Even though she was rich, she lead an austere life. She would subsist on alms from which she would still save some amount of money for Lord Krishna. The little Krishna would then appear in her dreams and ask her for jewelry. She would then have the jewelry made as per the Lord’s demands and offer it to him . She renovated the Garbha Griham, Maha Dwaram, etc. She attained the lotus feet of the Lord doing seva to Him, all her life.

Another incident occurred about one hundred and thirty years ago when the then Maha Raja of Mysore came to have the darshan of Lord Aprameya, Aravindavalli & Krishna at Mallur. He was so attracted to the lovely idol of Lord Krishna that he took the same to his palace! The same night he had a vision in which Lord Krishna ordered him to return Him back to the temple at Dodda Mallur, failing which great harm would befall him. Unfortunately, the Raja did not heed the words of the Lord as a result of which a portion of his Palace was consumed by fire. The Raja was then forced to restore the Idol back in the temple of Mallur.

An interesting story to illustrate how this place got the name as Mallur . Once a King named Sarangadara’s was there and his enemies cut the limbs and threw it in the Nirmala river which ran nearby, Even thought suffering from severe pain he chanted the Bhagavatha nama continuously, and moved towards the temple, then he got a darshan of Divya Jyothi and with Lord grace his limbs grew back to original form, (Growing in Tamil is Mulaithathu), since limbs grew it got its name as”MULAITHOOR” in Tamil and as time passed the Mulaithoor became Mallur.Lord Aprameya was worshipped by King Vijyapala in Krutha Yuga, Sage Kanva in Thretha Yuga, Sage LambhaShrava in Dwapara Yuga and Vigyanaeshwara in Kali Yuga. Sage Kapila who was Sriman Narayan’s Amsa made Common people understand Lord Aprameya’ s Kalyana Gunas and gave Upadesha to attain Mukthi. It is believed that even today the Sage Kapila, Sage Kanva are staying here and worshipping lord Aprameya. Once temple is locked by priest in the night after Arthjama, we can hear the sound of door opening in Garbha Gruha and temple bell rings, which indicated the Amara Jeevi sages, are praying Lord Aprameya in ekantha. It is proud privilege of Bhakthas of Mallur that Sriman Narayana and his Consort Maha Lakshmi are giving darshan to Bhakthas.

There was rich women named Thayamma who resided in Bhadrachallam on the banks of River Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. She lost her vision. Our Navaneetha Chora appeared in dream and asked her to come to Dodda Mallur and do the seva. She enquired about this place and reached Mallur. Day and night she was praying to Krishna. Then Lord restored her eyesight. From that day after bath she would put Kolam (Rangolli) and worship him. Even thought she was rich she was leading the ordinary life. She used to beg and lead the life , she would also save some amount for Lord Krishna, Then our Krishna used to appear in her dream ask for Jewelries and whatever Jewels Krishna asked she would make and put it. She renovated the Garbha Gruha, Maha Dwaram etc .She attained the lotus feet of lord doing seva all through her life. One more story is around 130 years ago then Mysore Maha Raja came and had the darshan of the Lord Aprameya, Aravindavalli & Krishna. He was attracted to the lovely idol of Lord Krishna and he took the same to his palace. The same day he had a vision that Lord Krishna wanted him to take him back to Dodda Mallur and restore him back in temple otherwise great harm will befall on him, unfortunately raja did not heed to the words of Lord. Result was Fire consumed a portion of Palace. Then Raja was forced to restore the Idol back in temple of Mallur.


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